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Maximising Local Economic Benefit in Finite World Tourism has the capacity to contribute to sustainable development for local communities around the world. For the development benefit to be maximised, it is important that tourism business and destination managers work together to create additional shared value. We need to refocus away from arrival numbers and bed occupancy to yield. For many places travel to the destination is going to be a very real problem. Already tour operators and accommodation providers are reporting on the Scope 3 emissions. The greenhouse gas emissions of travel to the destination are an increasingly major challenge and we need to consider the challenge of the sustainable development of tourism in the context of a finite world and the increasing cost of travel when governments move to reduce emissions. If they do not reduce the emissions, many destinations will cease to be attractive because of extreme weather. Only by taking responsibility can the challenge of tourism, sustainable development and the challenges of our finite world be balanced to the benefit of local communities and travellers.